Kanye West Kicks Off “Yeezus” Tour


Kanye West’s first Yeezus show kicked off on Seattle a couple of nights ago – and boy don’t we wish he were coming back to Australia already?

The show has already received critical acclaim with West going above and beyond to showcase his fans just how much he loves himself…and them of course.

In one sequence, Kanye West stood atop a mountain with his followers watching beneath him, while he rapped it out. And if that wasn’t enough, dancers carried the rapper around so he didn’t have to walk!

The rapper also unveiled a series of ’80s metal inspired designs, including a skeleton draped in the Confederate flag (referencing his latest song, New Slaves) and another skeleton of a Native American in tradition dress with the words “God Wants You”.

West also showcase some behind the scenes footage, and some fan-filmed footage while his minions danced to all his classic beats – Can’t Tell Me Nothing, Hey Mama, Heard ‘em Say and Power. West also ensured his fans that they got a taste of his new songs, including On Sight, New Slaves, Blood On The Leaves.

Tickets for the show cost $120, but at least fans got a plain white T-shirt in the process. Australians would have to pay the $120 without the shirt. Still no news though of Kanye returning to Australian shores, but we will keep you informed!